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The elusive owner of Boveda

Welcome to bóveda on line!

On this site we'll try to acquaint you
 with new lines arriving in the store,
and me, who you'll probably never
get to see because they keep me
locked in a tower working on this
website and designing jewelry f
my one of a kind line,

"lo que anhelas"

...available exclusively at bóveda.

We've given up on showing our merchandise here because it's mostly Limited Edition or one of a kind, so by the time we get it on the website, it's sold. We have pages here of the artists we continue to work with for you to see our style.              

  We are however keeping up to date on our facebook page, so we recommend that you       

 See One of a Kind items & New arrivals, on our facebook page:                                 

                                                         Boveda Old San Juan 
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We'll tell you here, about our short-term rental properties, and our proprietary card line,  VISTA PUBLICATIONS.     

If you're not familiar with bóveda, I can't figure out how you got to this website, since we don't promote it any where. It exists simply as a courtesy to our customers, but here's a brief history:

We have been continuously in operation, and under the same ownership since 1974. Bóveda is actually the "Son of Air" which began as a humble bead shop, and grew into the upscale gallery that is bóveda today. We offer selections from over 100 artists and crafts persons whom we've encountered over the years, on our travels, whose designs in jewelry, clothing and imaginative gifts have impressed us, with their excellence and originality.


Bóveda has a longstanding reputation for quality. 
Gifts from bóveda bear definite prestige. We have been rated the #1 favorite place of local shoppers to buy jewelry by an independent survey conducted by the San Juan Star newspaper,  and have received  glowing revues from Frommers, Yahoo travel and the
Lonely Planet guide books to Puerto Rico.  

bóveda   209 Cristo St., San Juan PR 00901 (787) 725-0263 10am-6pm